Saturday, June 9, 2007

From Pinas to KSA... with Love

Two men met by chance. From the moment they saw each other, they were spellbound. From then on their journey started. The first man felt the relationship as a tangled destiny like their tangled limbs. Inseparable. Permanent. Forever.

For a while, he did not know where it all began, nor will it ever end. Despite misgivings of the second man, he takes him again and again, until that so-called love madness overwhelmed him. For the first man, theirs is a lush, amorphous fever tide of exhausted pleasure." (quoting Sam Pomfret's "Hard Sauce").

The second man, of tall physique with chinky and delighted eyes, claims he loathes admiration but naturally find people regularly falling in love with him. He, like in William J. Mann's "Men Who Love Men," finds sex ''only as a pleasant, localized sensation, a kind of anesthesia of the groin.''

The day of doom came. A third man entered into the picture. All gathered together, the second man openly admitted, he loves the third man more, and that it is over between him and the first.

The first man is heart-broken but is determined not to see the second man again. So off he went to Khobar, Saudi Arabia: better a clean break than prolonging the agony of unrequited love.

But indeed, character precedes reputation. Sometime in 2000, that very second man plowed a beautiful relationship of a certain couple. He made up stories; broke the relationship; and at different occasions got each of them laid.

All these times, the second man seemed to have mastered the art of deceit and has been luring men, bi's and gays into his trap. He uses sweet words, makes big promises, and employs tricks to meet his ends. Of course, all at the expense of his body craftily presented as 28yo.

Now, that second man is in Jeddah, all out hunting for his next victim. Once again, he will unleash his hymn to the tune of "buy me another drink and I'll sing you another sad love song" charm.

Who are they? Visit and look for users khobar609 and malambing2009.

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